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The Dublin Wellness Centre

Welcomes you!

The Dublin Wellness Centre is made up of a group of over 70 self-employed therapists & teachers.  They are self-employed because they are among the very best in the fields

Therapists are individually chosen for their experience, training, professionalism & warmth. You can rest assured that each & every Therapist & Teacher in the DWC community has gone through a rigorous selection process

We are now the largest multi-disciplinary natural wellness centre in Ireland providing the highest standard in natural therapies, workshops & yoga, pilates & meditation classes in Ireland

How it all began!

Helen Lambe

Hi my name is Helen, I'm the proud owner of the Dublin Wellness Centre!

I became interested in Health & Wellness after a trip to India where I contracted giardia a parasitic infection from the water.  I became very unwell with recurring fevers & ill-health.

On my return I tried antibiotics & anti-parasitics for nearly a year to no avail, until a friend suggested I visit a Homeopath.  After two weeks, all the severe symptoms that I had been struggling with for 18 months disappeared.

The chronic kidney infections I had also suffered with for many years disappeared & haven’t returned since.  I haven’t taken an antibiotic since, that’s over 19 years ago and I haven’t looked back!

So enthralled to Homeopathy was I, that I started studying it in 2000 and the first Dublin Holistic Centre was born on Duke St., in 2004 when I qualified.

It was a single room and I wanted to build my Homeopathy practice, but I also wanted to offer other therapies to my clients as I realised early on that while Homeopathy is my “go to” medicine, I also occasionally needed Acupuncture, Massage, Counselling or Yoga and if I needed a multi-disciplinary approach, then so too did my clients.

Towards the end of our time on Duke St, there were 6 other therapists practicing from the space.  In 2007 I opened on Wicklow St., above Nourish Health food store.  We had three treatment rooms & quickly built up to having 20 therapists working together.

I found myself quite busy at this stage running my practice & running the centre and as I was about to marry my love, I knew that if I wanted to have children then I was going to need help running the centre, in order to do that, I needed a bigger premises.

We moved into our current premises on South William St in 2010 and we haven’t looked back.

Bella runs the show with the support of Anna & the wonderful ladies on Reception, currently Saskia, Deepa, Laura, Claudia & the Elaine’s!

I'm a mother to a gorgeous 7 year old boy, Faolan, who can often be found in the centre signing in students and the Dublin Wellness Centre is now the largest multi-disciplinary natural health centre in Ireland.

We hope you benefit from us, as much as we enjoy what we do and if you are new to natural therapies, we hope we can dispel any myths & introduce you to a new & self-empowered way to health & vitality!

Looking forward to welcoming you,




Manager, Yoga Teacher

Hi, my name is Saskia. I am Dutch/Spanish, born and raised in the Netherlands and eventually moved to Dubai when I was 21.

I started working as a flight attendant, which was an ideal job for me because I love traveling. In just a few years I managed to see so much of the world and got to tick off many destinations from my bucketlist. I still remember how I couldn't believe that my very first flight ever as a flight attendant was to Melbourne, Australia! Australia was a place I always wanted to go to, but didn't think I would ever have the chance to.

As exciting as flying around the world is, it is also very exhausting, stressful, and simply put just physically draining.  I felt like I needed something to help me with the jetlags and the irregular hours, which is when I turned to Yoga. I quickly fell in love with the practice when I started noticing the differences in both my physical and mental body. It turned into a passion of mine which I practiced nearly every day, whether it was at home in Dubai, a hotelroom in Bangkok or a beach in Mauritius.

I eventually wanted to take my Yoga practice to the next level, and signed up for a 200hour Vinyasa teacher training, which I completed just days before I moved to Dublin in the early summer of 2017. Moving to a new country also was the perfect time for me to change career directions, which is why I was so excited to find the Dublin Wellness Centre. Stepping into the Centre felt familiar, even though I had never been there before.

My role here within Dublin Wellness Centre is that of Manager, and I also teach Vinyasa Yoga. What I find so inspiring about being in the Dublin Wellness Centre, is that you are constantly surrounded by colleagues who have decided to follow their dreams and have turned their passions into their career. Everyone here is always willing to share their knowledge and expertise. If you cough or sneeze once, the Acupuncture needles and herbal medicines come flying your way! Or if your wrists feel achy, a Pilates teacher or Massage Therapists steps in with their healing hands. Whatever your needs are, there will always be someone here who can help you.


Amanda McKnight

Receptionist, Therapist & Plant Lover

Amanda is one of our Receptionists at the Centre and has a wellness background in Reiki, Yoga, and intuitively working with plant energy! Outside of the centre, Amanda's main passion are plants - Amanda enjoys spending her time in Nature, foraging herbs, and volunteering in no-dig Community Garden plots. She's a real plant nerd!

Amanda decided to come to Ireland in 2017 to study Herbalism after travelling for the last 6 years here and there outside of her home country Canada, and is now learning about all things plants with landscapers, propagators, and intuitively with Mother Earth. Naturally, one of her favourite jobs at the Centre is taking care of the plants as well as people. 🙂

Amanda loves working with the Dublin Wellness Centre family because every day is fun and nurturing! 

Elaine McLaughlin

Reception, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Yoga Teacher

My name is Elaine McLaughlin and I am originally from the lovely city of Derry.

I have always had an avid interest in sport, health and nutrition but more recently I have focused on a more whole body and mind approach to health. I continue to learn and recently qualified as a yoga teacher, which I feel benefits not only me, but also my clients.

I have been working in the centre as a massage therapist and reflexologist for over two years. I also do a weekly stint on reception and enjoy the different perspective this role gives me of the centre and how it works.

I feel very blessed to be part of such an amazing group of people.

The centre is an oasis of calm in a busy part of Dublin and my hope is that every client that comes to the centre benefits positively from the experience that they have here.



Coming soon.

Anna Drews

Anna Drews

Assistant Manager, Herbalist, Massage Therapist

When I started working in the office at the centre, over 5 years ago, I was just starting my life long wish to study herbal medicine. Working there also opened up the world of massage to me, which I went on to train in.

I find Massage one of the best treatments in world, not only to receive but also to give.

Now I am lucky enough to be able to practise both of my favourite treatments, from a place that I love. Working in the office, every day is different.

I am a people person and you never know what strange and wonderful, (and usually educational!) conversation you might with a therapist or teacher, not to mention all the clients who come to classes and treatments here. 

Most of my time is spent in the office, however I know just on the other side of the door there are always smiles and hello's!


Deepa Bista


Namaste! I come from Nepal, the country of the Himalayas. I started working at the Dublin Holistic Centre in 2014 shortly after I had arrived in Ireland at a time when I knew very little about the people and culture.

It was big change for me but the welcome, love and support I received from Helen, Bella, Anna and everyone in the DWC made me feel at home which I am forever grateful to the DWC family.  

I work as a receptionist here and my main roles are to serve our clients informing them of the various treatments our therapists offer, making suitable appointments and assisting therapists in managing treatments rooms.

The atmosphere is very energetic, full of positive vibes, peaceful and everyone is so friendly; the fact that I am still here almost four years later is a testament to the fact that I am proud to be part of DWC. Thank you!!


Elaine Murphy

Reception, Massage Therapist

My name is Elaine and I have been working from the Dublin Wellness Centre for close to four years. I work as a massage therapist and absolutely love my job. I love the opportunity I get to make someone feel unwound, soothed and most importantly, cared for.

From a purely physical standpoint, I am fascinated by the workings of the human body, the interconnectedness of every system and am passionate about constantly furthering my studies and skillset.

The centre feels very much like a family, each member is very open and generous with their knowledge and experience and this creates a wonderful network of help and support for all our clients.


Claudia Manica

Receptionist, Yoga Teacher Massage Therapist

I started my journey in Dublin Wellness Centre in 2014 as a yoga teacher renting the space once a week. After falling in love with this beautiful place and its wonderful people, I wanted to be more involved and offer my help and knowledge.

Apart from my work as a yoga teacher and massage therapist, today I also work at the reception, but it is more than that; it is helping those who are seeking direction, listening to clients’ needs, smiling for those needing comfort and reassurance.

I love my yogi students and for me they are like family. I feel blessed to be in a position to help them in overcoming difficulties in life and see them improving their everyday life in a healthy way.

I'm passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures, studying the traditions of yoga, photography, manual arts, and super crazy about cats; and I'm so blessed that I can combine all this in my life with my chosen career.

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