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Are you looking for a Dublin city yoga or pilates class?

May 3, 2018, 

Our lunchtime yoga classes start at 1:10pm from Monday to Friday, and last for 50 minutes.

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If you’re looking for a Dublin city yoga or pilates class at different times during the day, the Dublin Wellness Centre can accommodate you

Now that the sun has come out after what seems like an endless winter, it’s time to get your mind and body fit and limber for the summer months! At the Dublin Wellness Centre, we have a range of classes, therapies and workshops from which you can choose. Among our most popular events are our Dublin city yoga and pilates classes.

Suiting your schedule

We run a number of yoga and pilates classes at a mixed level and at different times of the day to suit your schedule from our well-located centre on South William Street in the heart of Dublin city.

We all know it can sometimes be difficult to commit to an evening class after a long and tiring day in the office, and that different class times work for different people. We want to make sure that we cater for everyone’s needs.

Going to classes during the working day is a fantastic way to ensure you stay fit and healthy, maximising your time while keeping your evening schedule free – it’s a win-win situation! It doesn’t matter whether mornings, lunchtimes or even afternoons are your preference – we have what you’re looking for with some of the most dynamic teachers in the city.

Hatha and vinyasa yoga

Our morningtime Dublin city yoga classes take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and we offer both hatha and vinyasa yoga. Hatha yoga teaches physical postures and is the most common type of yoga, while vinyasa is more fluid and movement-intensive, with smoother transitions between poses.

We run a hatha class at 7:45am on Tuesdays and 7:30am on Thursdays, while we offer vinyasa yoga at 7:45am on Fridays. These morning classes last for 60 minutes.

Our lunchtime yoga classes start at 1:10pm from Monday to Friday, and last for 50 minutes. We run a hatha class on our Monday lunchtime slot, and vinyasa yoga for the rest of the week. We also offer afternoon vinyasa yoga classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. These start at 3:30pm and last for 60 minutes.

Furthermore, we offer lunchtime mixed level pilates classes from Monday to Friday at 1:10pm. These classes last 50 minutes, but note that on Wednesdays there is also a class running at 12:10pm.

Well-equipped studio

The Dublin Wellness Centre is well-equipped, providing you with free use of mats, showers, hair-dryers, changing rooms and lockers. Importantly, we know that you’re busy, so that’s why we are flexible – we don’t mind if you’re running late or if you have to leave early. We get it!

If you drop in to one of any of our yoga or pilates classes, it costs €12 which includes the use of all our facilities. It’s more cost-effective when you purchase a pass: a four-class pass costs €40, while an eight-class pass costs €60 or 20-class pass at €125 even better value again.

Class passes

There are a few different ways to buy class passes – you can visit our website and click on “see our class schedule and book”. We are also on the MindBody app and site, where you can purchase class passes here. Of course you can also come and see us at reception, where you can also enquire about our different therapies, workshops and classes.

Our Dublin city yoga and pilates classes take place on every weekday – check out our class schedule for details.