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Bowen Technique: Healing from the Inside Out

August 7, 2018, 

From Fibromyalgia, to asthma, to emotional depression and stress, Bowen Therapy can help heal the body from the inside out

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Maddie recent gave the Bowen Technique a try at the Dublin Wellness Centre

With massage and energy healing being quite popular, I, like many others was unfamiliar with the Bowen Technique. After researching online, I found that Bowen Technique is a gentle, non-invasive holistic therapy that rebalances energy and activates the body’s healing systems. After meeting Therapist Mona Sato, I decided to give Bowen Technique a try.

In advance of the day, Mona had me fill out a comprehensive form about my health history and what I was looking to get from the appointment which I was to bring with me to my appointment.

Mona took her time to run through the lengthy and detailed comprehensive form during which she pointed out I had only thought to list recent health problems but actually Mona was also looking for my past history. For example, she even wanted to know about dental surgery I had when I was 5.

After explaining to her that I had hurt my knee the day before by falling on the bus (not my best moment!) and was feeling sore, we began the session. Mona instructed me to lie on the plinth facing up. She then began to use her fingers to make gentle rolling movements on my muscles followed by a pause where she would step away, giving me a moment to lie in the corrected position.

In Bowen Technique, the client is left in specific sequences and the therapist will wait a few minutes before performing the next sequence. At first, I was wondering if this was actually doing anything because I felt like I was mostly just lying there but as the session progressed, I began to feel a deep relaxation and comfort as I laid on the plinth.

The purpose of each pause is to give the client’s body time for the tissues to rehydrate and the healing to begin. Mona used her fingers to make gentle rolling movements on my legs, arms, abdomen and head. She also had me lie on my stomach, and at one point, she placed my arms at my sides like I was making wings as if I was a bird.

Randomly, as I was lying on the plinth, my left leg jolted. I later asked Mona what this meant, she explained it is a normal occurrence in Bowen Technique and means the body is healing in that area.

After the treatment was over, Mona had me sit again and drink a glass of water. At this time, she gave me feedback about my body. She told me that my left side of my body was uneven from the right side of my body. Or, in other words, my left shoulder and cheekbone are higher than those on my right side. Mona said this is not a bad thing, but it could be from my many injuries to my left side.

She also discovered that my right side of my body was wider than my left, which is a result of playing tennis my whole life and being right-handed. Sports can make one side of the body stronger and, therefore, wider than the other side.

Mona warned me that I might be extremely thirsty or tired the following few days, and she was right. That night I slept better than I had in weeks and the following day I was more tired than usual. I was also thirstier than I typically am.

Some people may feel pain after their appointment, which can be a good thing because it means the healing is taking place but I simply felt better on my left side where I had hurt my knee in the extremely embarrassing bus fall.

For me, the Bowen Technique was more of a trail to learn about the therapy, but it can help people with varying body issues. From Fibromyalgia, to asthma, to emotional depression and stress, Bowen Therapy can help heal the body from the inside out. Bowen is very gentle manipulation and therefore is quite popular with the older generation.

Mona Sato is a gentle, wonderful therapist and I would recommend her to anyone looking to try Bowen Technique. It is a relaxing experience that works to actually heal the body.

Not only does Mona offer Bowen Technique, but she also offers Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Sports Massage. She can be contacted by calling her at 087-693-5146 or by emailing her at

Author: Maddie Ryan