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“My AMAZING Reflexology Experience”At The Dublin Wellness

August 7, 2018, 

“My favorite part was when she lightly dragged her fingertips around my foot in tiny circles. I later asked her what this was for and she said it is to stimulate the 7,000 nerve endings in the foot”.

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Maddie Ryan took her first Reflexology session recently with Laura Gil - she writes about it here.

Reflexology Dublin

When I first visited the Dublin Wellness Centre, the number one therapy I wanted to try was Reflexology. After weeks of anticipation, it was finally my chance to give it a go.

I knew Laura Gil through meeting her at the Centre’s reception desk as she works there a few times a week. She is always friendly and greets you with a warm smile. When I walked into my appointment, this was no exception.

Reflexology is a Massage…

Laura welcomed me with her smile and offered me a glass of water. I took a seat and she explained to me that Reflexology is a massage that applies pressure to different points on the feet. Each point is connected to a different part of the body such as the back, legs, and organs. To make the idea clearer, Laura explained that the foot is like a map of the body. She is able to learn things about what is going on in her client’s body, both emotional and physical, simply through touch.

Preparing for Reflexology…

Laura asked if I had any health complications or injuries she should know of. I informed her about my foot surgery I had years ago. She had me point out where the surgery was on my foot so she could be more cautious and gentle with that area. She covered a cut on my foot so the oil and cream would not irritate it. Lastly, she cleaned my feet with disinfectant followed by the cream to moisturize my feet.

With calming music playing in the background, she began massaging my feet. At times the massage simply felt relaxing and therapeutic. At other times, I could feel her fingers applying pressure to varying areas. Laura would press in between each of my toes, the inner side of my foot, below my heal – no area left untouched!

My Favourite Part of the Reflexology Experience…

My favorite part was when she lightly dragged her fingertips around my foot in tiny circles. I later asked her what this was for and she said it is to stimulate the 7,000 nerve endings in the foot. Apparently, it also helps people get over something in their life that is blocking them and moves their energy around.

After the massage was over, Laura gave me feedback based on what she was able to feel through my feet. She explained that she could feel my small and large intestines were irritated. This made sense to me because I recently discovered I have a gluten intolerance.

She also told me my shoulders were tense which normally means the person is holding in anger. Now, I am not an angry person, but this made sense to me based on events from the past. The last thing Laura told me was that she could tell that my liver was ‘bothered,’ which was compatible because I recently had a virus in my liver.

After the appointment, I felt refreshed, ready for a good night sleep and amazed at the feedback I had just received. Reflexology can help anyone with health complications, anxiety, or simply to relax. I personally felt more positive after the appointment and I will definitely be getting Reflexology again in the near future.

Reflexology Massage at Dublin Wellness Centre

reflexology dublin wellness centreLaura Gil is an amazing person and a fantastic person. I would definitely recommend Laura to anyone who needs Reflexology Dublin. She is qualified and, without a doubt, will do a fantastic job every time.

Laura also provides Indian Head Massage, Reiki, and offers workshops periodically in the centre. For contact details and full list of services please click here.


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