New Year’s Resolutions you can Keep with Classes at Dublin Holistic Centre

May 8, 2015, 

Dublin Wellness Centre offers a number of classes that provide great opportunities for New Year’s resolutions that can form a first step to a better life.

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There are only so many times you can break your New Year's resolution before you give up making them altogether

It is a pity because it can be a great opportunity to make a fresh start, clear out some of our bad habits and try to replace them with new ones.

It is not an accident that the year ends and begins as Winter turns to Spring. Our side of the planet begins to tilt back toward the sun, trees begin to sprout new leaves, life that has subsided over Winter grows back to try again for another year. There is no reason we should be any different.

Often the reason we don’t keep our resolutions is because we set our expectations too high. How many friends have you heard resolving to give up smoking or drinking completely? Or others who have been unfit for years deciding they will train to run a marathon? The best way to keep your resolution is to choose something simple and achievable.

If you have had a habit for years you can’t expect to change it forever at the stroke of midnight. Dublin Wellness Centre offer a number of classes that provide great opportunities for New Year’s resolutions that can form a first step to a better life.

Meditation Classes

Meditation is about as simple as it gets for a resolution. That said it is not the easiest to keep up with. Setting yourself the resolution of meditating for so many minutes a day is a recipe for disaster. Because it is so simple a task it is very easy to put off. A weekly class is an excellent way to slowly start forming what could be the habit of a life time.

Our Mindfulness Meditation Classes last for an hour once a week. Having that time set aside and scheduled makes it much easier to see it through. These guided classes teach you simple techniques for managing your thoughts and keeping stress from growing.

Mindfulness Meditation is a great way to keep stress under control. This in turn prevents stress from developing in into anxiety or depression. Mindfulness can also be complementary to therapy in helping to deal with anxiety and depress. In fact many therapists use Mindfulness and Mindfulness meditation as part of their treatment.

Essentially Mindfulness is the technique of being aware of and acknowledging your thoughts without applying judgement towards them and simply accepting them as a normal part of your reaction to events and situations in your life.

As well as stress, anxiety and depression Mindfulness Meditation can be helpful with poor concentration, restlessness and insomnia.

Click here to find out more about Mindfulness Meditation Classes as the Dublin Wellness Centre.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is another simple activity that makes for an ideal New Year’s resolution. Unlike other activities it is low intensity and low impact. This means that regardless of your fitness level yoga can be adapted to suit your requirements and allow you to gradually build your strength, fitness and flexibility.

Click here to see days and times for yoga classes at the Dublin Wellness Centre

Pilates Classes

The slow paced, core focused exercises of Pilates makes it another perfect choice for a New Year’s resolution. Originally designed for dancers recovering from injury Pilates strengthens the core muscles that allow us to adopt a better posture and improved balance. For anyone who spends much of their day slouching in an office chair Pilates is a great way to counteract those effects.

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