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Pilates as a First Step to Getting Back into Fitness

October 8, 2014, 

Pilates is a stress reducing, energizing workout that anyone of any fitness level can do and is a great first step to getting back into shape.

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Staying in shape requires a lot of work. Anyone who has maintained a fitness routine for any length of time knows that.

When that routine gets disrupted for any reason such as a busy period in work, an injury or a pregnancy, getting back to the same level of fitness can be a real challenge.

One of the hardest things to overcome it that first activity after an absence from exercise. You try to go back at the same level you were at before and you find yourself gasping and wheezing where you barely struggled before. When this happens it can be very demoralizing, making it that much more difficult to stay on track. The trick is to ease yourself back in with a low intensity activity. Pilates is one of the best low intensity forms of exercise you can do to get back into fitness. Here are just a few reasons why.

Core Strengthening

At the heart of Pilates is core strengthening. Building up your core improves your posture and allows you to breathe properly during exercise. When you get back into your old training routine your improved posture will mean you get more out of that exercise.

For post-pregnancy in particular, pelvic floor strengthening and abdominal toning are perfect for getting back into pre-baby shape. If you have been sitting in an office chair for several months, without the time to get out for exercise you will likely have problems with posture and even a sore back. Many aspects of Pilates are focused on strengthening the back and the core abdominals that improve standing and sitting posture.

Injury Prevention

Returning to exercise after a long period is when we are most likely to injure ourselves. Pilates was originally developed for dancers who were rehabilitating from injury. The stretching and strengthening exercises in Pilates are designed to make the body more resistant to further injuries.

Losing weight

As a low intensity exercise Pilates will not burn as many calories as other forms of exercise. However losing weight is just as much about eating a balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle as it is about aerobics exercise.

The overall health benefits of Pilates, improved breathing, joint mobility, posture and reduced stress make it much easier to adopt that healthy lifestyle. Stress, bad posture, stiffness and poor breath control all sap your energy.

When our energy levels get low that is when we are most likely to resort to quick fixes of snack bars, coffees and high sugar energy drinks. Not only do these lead to weight gain they also inhibit sleep which leaves us even more tired and creates a vicious cycle that can be hard to escape.

Pilates is a stress reducing, energizing workout that anyone of any fitness level can do and is a great first step to getting back into shape.