Healing is an art, it takes time, it takes practice, it takes love


All our medicinal therapies are gentle but effective, non-addictive & non-toxic. The Dublin Wellness Centre, click on more for therapists using Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine and nutritional supplements.
List of Therapies

This section involves all non-massage bodywork, For example; Osteopathy, NMT, Ear candling, Acupuncture, Kinesiology & Polarity Therapy.
List of Therapies

The degree to which you feel comfortable, connected and part of an alliance determines how effective talking therapies will be for you. We have a team of over 10 therapists to choose from.
List of Therapies

Spiritual healing techniques can help when you feel that medicines are not enough on their own, that you wish for some form of spiritual guidance and healing
List of Therapies

Relax with expert massage therapists who are not afraid to massage a pregnant woman! Optimizing your health & wellbeing on your journey through pregnancy.
List of Therapies

We know every couple is different. Conceiving is not always simple. Carrying a baby to term is not easy. And, giving birth to a healthy new born isn’t a given. If you are experiencing difficulties or if you're planning ahead & would like to optimize your fertility, we can support you with your physical & emotional wellbeing instead of or as a compliment to Medical Fertility treatments.
List of Therapies


Stress Management

Stress management can help us understand why we react in the way we do and how to react differently. Life will always be full of challenges. The good news is,…

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Relationship Coaching

Relationships can be difficult, family – friendships – work – companions – lovers. The only constant in that picture is you. That means the only thing you have control over…

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Human Givens Psychotherapy

Human Givens Psychotherapy is a brief solution-focused therapy. It is evidence-based combining knowledge from psychology, neuroscience and psychotherapy. The usual length of treatment is four to six sessions. It starts…

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Counselling is a talking therapy that allows you to focus on particular problematic situations in your life. If you feel you need to talk through problems in work, if you…

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Couples Counselling

The counsellors at the Dublin Wellness Centre aim to give couples a safe space in order to help a relationship in distress or help prevent a relationship from going into…

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Life coaching

Have you ever considered a personal trainer for your fitness? Life coaching is like a personal trainer for your life!! We’ve all had goals we want to achieve but never…

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Psychotherapy is a talking therapy that allows you focus on current issues in your life, but we also look together at past situations in your life which may feed into…

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Transport someone to a place of relaxation, rejuvenation and recovery

Everyone relishes the chance to leave life's pressures behind and escape to peace & tranquility.  The Dublin Wellness Centre can take you there.

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