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Bella’s Holistic Facial

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Bella’s Holistic Facial


Holistic Facial Massage –
Give your face a bit of Love and your Mind a little space to switch off with Bella’s Holistic Facial.
60 minutes (70 minutes with consultation time)
Booking is essential ~ text or email to find out availability with Bella directly please.
€60 (usually €70)
Completely switch off with this stress busting Holistic Facial Massage.
Using completely natural products for sensitive skin, we will commence with a -cleanse-tone-scrub & tone, move on to a double face massage using Rosehip oil and Coconut Oil, one will be deeper strokes and other lighter for lymphatic drainage benefits.
THEN we shall include some heated Basalt stone massage and Jade Roller techniques to lift and aid toning of the facial muscles.
Finishing with a moisturizing cream and eye serum – and a scalp, head neck massage + Aloha energy balancing for the pièce de résistance

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