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Crystal and Reiki healing + Guidance

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Crystal and Reiki healing + Guidance


Crystal and Reiki healing is a gentle yet powerful treatment that works on the physical, mental and emotional bodies. The session is deeply relaxing. I will tune into your energy body and assess your needs and help you release energy blockages and balance your energy. This will have an impact on the 3 bodies and release tension from the body and improve physical well-being as well as let go of anxiety, anger, stress and help you return to a state of harmony. It can be deeply enriching and profoundly life changing.

I will give you feedback afterwards as to what energy points were blocked and where the releases happened. I will explain what that means to you and I will give you guidance so that you can keep the state of peace for longer. I will also communicate any other channeled messages that might have come during the session too.

Crystal and Reiki healing treatment + Guidance costs €60 for 60 minutes (usually €85) or €90 for 90 minutes (usually €115)

Available on Wednesdays only.

Please contact Jen directly at 0864001199 or

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