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Guided Meditation ~ Come Home to Your True Self

Special Offers

Guided Meditation ~ Come Home to Your True Self


These sessions are for anyone craving a deeper sense of connection with themselves; some space to
go within, away from external distractions.

Guided visualisation is a powerful, yet gentle and safe way to connect to your own mind, emotions
and body, and to your deeper, whole, soul-self.

In this Autumn season, it’s a beautiful way to create some time for taking stock, going within, and
realigning with who you really are, deep down.

It’s also a way to make time for proper relaxation and feeling more grounded, during this season with
many external demands and activities.

Reconnecting with your inner self creates a more solid foundation for shaping your life in a way that
actually works for you. It can help transform self-doubts into greater self-belief.
And move forward into the new year with greater clarity and commitment to honouring your own
unique needs and desires, in your work, relationships, or life in general.

~ Personalised, one-to-one sessions can help you feel relaxed and calm, more mindfully present
and grounded. They can also support you with healing, clarity, understanding, and with
developing your imagination, intuition and creativity, as well as self-trust.
Our inner wisdom is always there, just waiting for us to drop down and connect with it. And it really
doesn’t take any complicated efforts or rituals to access your True Self. That’s the beauty of guided
meditation: it’s simple, yet powerful.
If you’re curious about guided meditation, or would just like to try out one session with me, I am
currently offering a single session at this special rate:

Single Session: ‘True-Self Reconnect’: €48 Special Offer

Here’s what you’ll receive:
– A one-to-one guided meditation session, in person at Dublin Wellness Centre or online (via
Zoom), approx. 50mins, tailored to your specific needs.
– Includes a short feedback discussion, to help integrate your experience
– I may point you to resources or offer suggestions to support mindful, embodied, authentic
living, if appropriate

Optional add-on (for €18):
-A personalised visual memento, to help anchor in your key insights and experiences (image
file sent via email, so you can print or save to your mobile / use as screensaver)

Some potential benefits of guided meditation:

– Deep relaxation and calm

– Clear and re-set your energy
– Reconnect with your body and heart centre
– Access inner wisdom and develop self-trust
– Clarify your current needs
– Support you in making changes
– Clarify actions & decisions more aligned with your truth
– Find new ways through blocks or challenges
– Uncover more creative and empowering ways to live
– Rehearse or prepare for performances and events
– Develop trust in your own intuition
– Stimulate your imagination
– Explore your limitless creativity

Find out more here:

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