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Personalized Yoni Blessing and Yoni rituals session

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Personalized Yoni Blessing and Yoni rituals session


Dearest Sister, 
This is a 1 to 1 session with me to receive a Yoni Blessing and create your personal rituals to honour and reconnect with your Yoni Womb. 
Yoni Womb is your sacred gateway to the divine, the altar to Mother and the shrine to your feminine essence. In your personal session with me I’ll introduce you to rituals to honour and bless this sacred space. This 2 hour session includes: 
-Yoni Womb Blessing 
-Creation of your Yoni Womb Ritual
-Womb Healing
This is a powerful and profound session, to help you reclaim your female power, pleasure and essence. Womb Healing brings forth deep healing and lost lasting balance. 
Investment: 100€ per session (original cost for a Yoni Blessing and Womb Healing is 160€)
Offered Valid: from March 8th to April 26th 2019
Length of session: 2 hours
To read more about Yoni Womb Blessings please follow this link: https://michelasborchia.com/2019/01/21/yoni-womb-blessing-ceremony/
To read more about Womb Healing please follow this link: https://www.womboracle.ie/wj-program
To book your appointment please email me: love@womboracle.ie 

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