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This January and February we are pleased to announce availability with Margaret O’Grady. Margaret’s diary has limited availability for new clients this January and February

A little about Margaret

I have been involved with the Dublin Wellness Centre since 2017. I am
a Reiki Master (Usui) and a Metamorphosis Practitioner with over 20
years experience.
I have found the practice of Reiki and Metamorphosis invaluable in my
own personal life.  I have a busy practice in Co. Kildare and I offer
appointments at the Dublin Wellness Centre every second Sunday. I am
looking to expand my practice here, so would love to meet new clients
along with my very loyal regular clients.

A Reiki energy healing session works on the physical, emotional and
spiritual levels and enables the blocked energy to be released gently
and easily.
Reiki restores and maintains balance; health and harmony; erases
stress; relieves physical ailments; provides comfort during grief and
much more….

Metamorphosis is a self-healing philosophy, a way of life which
eliminates unconscious stress patterns . These stress patterns or
blocks are registered at our conception and determine our “attitude of
mind towards life”
Stress, illness and disease are the result of these blocks and the aim
of Metamorphosis is to create a more positive attitude towards life
and be free from negative influences out of the past which inhibit our
In treatment we access these blocks via spinal reflexes of the feet
hands and spine. Hand symbols are introduced which create balance and

Sunday 19th January (2 appointment times available 3pm and 4pm)
February 9th (limited availability)
February 23rd (some availability)

If you have any questions about my practice or would like to book a
Sunday appointment I can be contacted on 0871222702.”