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Michelle Lacey


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Availability: Monday’s or by appointment


Mobile: 0872839919


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Michelle Lacey is a Reiki practitioner from Dublin. Since being introduced to Reiki and other methods of holistic healing Michelle has seen amazing positive shifts in herself and in every aspect of her life. Michelle has worked as a Montessori teacher for the last 10 years and loves to work with children. She is currently studying to become a child centred method practitioner which uses holistic ways to help both children and adults with learning, behavioral or emotional difficulties.

In this fast-paced world people can often struggle to take the time to nurture and love themselves. Michelle’s passion in life is to provide a safe space for people to feel connected to themselves and to guide people back to their authentic loving self. When working with children or adults, Michelle has seen the impact that stored emotions can have on the mind and the physical body.

Through guided energy healing, Michelle will help each client to release any physical or emotional blocks that may be causing them to feel stuck in their lives. She will be able to help you to identify what it is that is holding you back and what steps you can take to help you to move forward in your life and ultimately allow you to reach your full potential.Michelle helps people to bring balance and harmony back into their body and life!

Throughout the session Michelle may be guided to use different tools and modalities which she has learnt over the last few years, these include; Reiki energy, muscle testing, movement exercises, Attuning to full potential vibrational healing cards, crystals, Tibetan singing bowl, essential oils and oracle cards. A combination of all of these are truly what make her sessions so different and unique.