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Now practicing from Ranelagh


Alyssa Paris is a French/Scottish chiropractor. She uses gentle chiropractic techniques that can help your body use its natural ability to heal and flourish. Alyssa cares deeply about her patients’ well-being and it is her aim to help you improve your state of health and the way you feel in your body.

If you are wondering what chiropractic is, here is more info from the Chiropractic Association of Ireland. Chiropractic is well-established world-wide and it takes several years of education to become a chiropractor.

Alyssa studied chiropractic for six years at the Franco European Institute of Chiropractic (IFEC) in Toulouse, France and graduated in 2014. After that, she moved to her mother’s home country, Scotland, where she practiced in a very busy, family-based chiropractic clinic for 4 years. In June 2018, Alyssa moved to Dublin.

Most patients come to Alyssa initially for pain-relief. Many keep on visiting for regular maintenance care because they feel that chiropractic adjustments help them improve their quality of life even in the absence of pain. Each session focuses specifically on what the patient’s body needs at that point in time. In particular, patients who care about their health and are willing to put some effort into the process of getting healthier can benefit a lot from a chiropractic treatment.

Alyssa is continuously educating herself in chiropractic techniques with a focus on pediatrics (chiropractic for babies and children) and the adjustment of pregnant women. She is certified in the Webster technique, which helps to restore movement and alignment in the pelvis of pregnant mothers (see an article about the technique here).

In her free time, Alyssa enjoys practicing yoga, cooking and eating organic and healthy food.

Alyssa is a member of the Chiropractic Association of Ireland.

Initial Consultation: €75
Chiropractic adjustment: €50
Concession: €40