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Amanda McKnight – Distance Reiki

I officially began my healing journey in 2009. I was studying Yoga and had my first Reiki Attunement by my Reiki Master in Canada, L’aura Bevington. Initially, I was drawn to both the philosophy of yoga and the “unseen energetics” or magic, of the healing arts. I felt that both activated a sense of curiosity and understanding toward my own inner being, and connection to Gaia. Through time and practice, I have felt more confident to connect, and branch out to offer Reiki sessions to friends, family, animals, plants, and clients!

I remember an expression I heard before: “you can only take someone where you have been.” And for me, Reiki has helped me to see a light out of my own inner wounds or inherited beliefs relating to anxiety, depression, and anger. Reiki has helped me find ways to manage and work through old emotions that no longer serve me… which is a continual process! I have found beauty and connection through Reiki and I hope to share that with you, too as you take steps to exploring your own true inner self.

I prefer to offer Distance Reiki Sessions because I feel that I am more in-tuned to feelings, images, and messages when I am in my own space. In addition, I want to emphasise the importance of sleep as self-care. Very often, clients enter into a deep relaxed state during Distance Reiki Sessions. I think it’s important to encourage rather than interrupt this healing step after a session has been grounded. I seal sessions with the intention of love, light, and continual healing. Projecting that the purity of the session will continue to uplift and guide you.

Amanda’s Reiki Lineage: Usui | Hiashi | Takata | Rand | Belfour | Glew | Bevington | McKnight

Please contact Amanda directly via email or phone to arrange a date for your Distance Reiki Session.

If you would like to see some of Amanda’s work you can check out her Instagram @garden.gnar

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