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Bella McCormack


Bella McCormack

I grew up in New Zealand, reared on fruit and vegetables from the garden, fresh fish, camping, barbecues, beaches and amazing scenery. When I moved to Ireland over 20 years ago, I started to suffer with severe anxiety and panic attacks – I started eating different foods (stodge) and drinking different beverages (cider!) – with little unprocessed meals nor any sign of beaches and camping!

I found that exercise really helped me anxiety, so I joined the gym and took up yoga – then I started seeing a Naturopath and eventually feel in love with natural therapies – thus leading on to my new career. I studied Naturopathy and Nutrition and spent many years working in Nelson’s Homeopathic dispensary, eventually moving on to manage the Dublin Wellness Centre for a few years under the ownership of Helen Lambe, before committing to my practice on a regular basis.

After some time, I decided to study Holistic Massage and Holistic Facials, Reiki, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage and Ear Candling and well it never ends, the joy of study, so in the future I hope to add Yoga and Pilates Teacher to my repertoire.

These days I am lucky to say, my appointments are booked up with regular clients as we work with the benefits of regular massage, energy work, discussing how life is and using intuitive massage and energy techniques gained through the art of Lomi Lomi massage to help rejuvenate and re-balance the body and the mind.

I am very fortunate that I found my career, it’s a vocation which is truly rewarding – I am always trying to follow the true path of Aloha and my clients always bring me back to this.

Bookings are by appointment only, Bella books out at least a month in advance usually.