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Delphine O’Keeffe


Delphine O’Keeffe is a qualified coach, psychotherapist and guided meditation leader.  Her passion and purpose is supporting people to nurture and express their true selves, to live authentic, meaningful and joyful lives.

All too often, women find themselves experiencing things like: doubting themselves or overriding their own gut feelings;  being held back by other people’s judgements or expectations; feeling like they have betrayed or compromised themselves; finding it hard to stay focused or complete initiatives; difficulty in saying no, or having poor relationship boundaries with others; feeling undervalued or undermined, by family / friends / co-workers; guilty when they take time or space for themselves, or when they assert themselves; feeling not quite ‘good enough’, despite clear evidence to the contrary; full of creative ideas, but lacking the confidence or consistency to express them.


With coaching and guided meditation, her work focuses on guiding women to get to know, love and trust their whole selves – mind, heart, body and spirit – so they can:

  • Know, love and Trust themselves more deeply
  • Build Lasting Inner Foundations for Self-Connection
  • Alchemise Self-doubt into Sovereignty and Self-Belief
  • Be able to Say and Do what they need in their Key Personal Relationships, while feeling good about it.
  • Feel Harmony between their Thoughts, Emotions and Bodies
  • Confidently Express their Creativity, Passions and Gifts
  • Live more Meaningful, Connected and Joyful lives


Delphine offers one-to-one coaching, and guided meditation sessions, in person at Dublin Wellness Centre, and via online video-call from the comfort of your own home (using Zoom, similar to Skype and fast and easy to download).

Her approach is intuitive and creative, tailored to each client’s unique needs. Her somatic orientation includes a strong focus on body awareness, alongside working with thoughts, unconscious belief patterns and emotions, to help develop whole-self awareness.

Delphine is continually inspired to witness the increased self-belief and sense of freedom and confidence women start to feel, when they commit to shaping a life that really honours their unique needs and desires.  Deep transformations can happen in their lives and relationships, when women invest in their relationship with themselves first, and are then truly resourced to love, work and create from a place of clarity, confidence and abundance.

She works with women of all backgrounds – truth-seekers, creatives, mothers, healers and heretics, teachers and leaders, sensitives, empaths and intuitives….   Women on a journey of inner exploration, seeking a practical framework and personal guidance to build the solid foundations they need for lasting change and self-belief.


Delphine also does in-person, depth psychotherapy work with clients in private practice in Dublin, and occasionally facilitates women’s circles and group workshops on areas related to: embodied mindfulness, self-care, emotions, inner child work, inner critic work, authentic and creative living.  She is also available for interviews, talks or presentations on these topics, for group events, or trainings.

She is accredited by the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists (MIAHIP), certified by the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring, and recognised as a Guided Meditation Leader by the Federation of Holistic Therapies, U.K.



Currently available:

Coaching: – for single sessions or packages, find out more:


Guided Meditation ~ Special introductory offer:

€48 for a ‘True Self Reconnect’ guided meditation session.


Contact Details

087 241 0039



Tuesday mornings at Dublin Wellness Centre

Other times by appointment for online sessions via Zoom






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