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Emi Jenei


Neuromuscular Physical Therapist

Emi Jenei is originally fom Budapest where she began her studies in Swedish massage in 2008. Emi moved to Ireland in 2009 where she studied beauty therapy after which she worked aboard cruise ships where she gained experience in body therapies and learned different massage techniques including thai poultice, hot stone and bamboo massage.

After a 9 month contract, Emi decided to get into more advanced therapies and finished a Neuromuscular Physical Therapy course in the National Training Centre. During this time, Emi also practiced massage in Abbey Chiropractic Clinic where she treated patients with a wide range of conditions and injuries.

Emi has always thought of the body as a beautiful complex system and when something goes “wrong” it is often because it is trying to protect us. Her treatments are focused on clients well-being, considering both emotional and physical health. If the emotional stress is big enough and of long enough duration it can then transform into biological stress which then becomes an illness.

Sometimes it isn’t clear where the issue is coming from when we look at it from the traditional perspective but nothing in the body happens without a good reason. Have you ever wondered why just after you recover from one illness you find yourself falling into another? That is because pills and pain killers are only temporary solutions. They don’t treat the root of the problem. The placebo effect points to the importance of perception and the mind’s role in physical health.

For more information on conditions that Emi Jenei can treat please visit her website.