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Julián A Arranz


About Julián A Arranz

Julián A Arranz is a Polarity Therapy Professional from Madrid, a member of I.P.E.A. (The International Polarity Education Alliance), Member of Polarity Therapy Healing Ireland and a member of A.E.T.P. (Spanish Polarity Therapy Association).

He has qualifications in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage and Functional osteopathic technique. After four years of training and practice in Polarity Therapy his goal is to teach how to discover and to connect with the deepest, authentic and highest self to live a life full of meaning and purpose; providing the tools and knowledge necessary to become responsible of your health and wellness. Julián studied History of Philosophy and Science in Complutense University in Madrid, is Professor of Arts, Creativity and Techniques for personal development. Furthermore, Julián A. Arranz is a Contemporary Visual Art Artist, electronic musician  and author of the book “Art, pleasure and technology”.

  • Polarity Therapy Professional
  • Holistic and full body massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage
  • Functional osteopathic techniques
  • Chiropractic techniques (alignment of spine, pelvis and neck)
  • Craniosacral techniques
  • Energetic balance and emotional release