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Kamilla Harra


For as long as I remember, I wanted to help people release physical & emotional pain and get healthier and happier. So I studied Psychology in Trinity College Dublin, and then followed it up with Systematic Kinesiology and Nutrition, Life Coaching, Meditation, Healing, Sound therapy and PSYCH-K® .

I could call myself a kinesiologist, a healer, a nutritionist, a coach and a psychologist – however, essentially, I am here to be a conduit for whatever help you require for the most successful outcome.
My non-religious and scientific background, with parents being a medical doctor and a scientist, allowed me to stay grounded and practical while still having an open mind to explore who we are at the deepest levels of our consciousness – spiritually and metaphysically and so, Conscious Wholeness was born: a process of facilitating a multi-level, highly responsive and fluid system of restoring harmony in health, personal fulfillment and happiness.

How I can help You:
physically – psoriasis, eczema, digestive problems, aches, headaches, food allergies, insomnia, auto-immune, low energy, unusual hard-to-diagnose cases, optimal nutrition testing for adults and kids. emotionally – feel naturally positive emotions (brain-body balance), confidence, heal anxiety, panic & overwhelm, past traumas & hurts, addictions, fears, depression, anger, resentment, difficult relationships, childhood traumas, parenting, find Love.

mentally – easy meditations to relieve stress fast, confidence, focus, decision-making, banish uncontrollable thoughts, find purpose in life, change unwanted behaviours, conquer fear of taking risks/failure/mistakes/the unknown/poverty.

spiritually – reconnect to your True Sense of Self (feel it physically in the body, not just in thoughts); inner sense of ‘home’ – so you can be brave & safe in the world; tap into your gifts; how to know 100% what’s True & Right for you; how to self-heal; how to clear your past blocks; how to create what you most desire; how to protect your kids; how to be intuitive; heal the codes of your ancestry; activating You as the true Source (er) of your life.

Additionally, I conduct Workshops on Nutrition & Living Foods, Healing with Sound, Personal Growth, Enlightened Eating & Spirituality. I have appeared on the Irish TV3’s’ ‘How Healthy Are You?, and on TV3 Saturday AM Show, and I have written for the Green Living NZ magazine, Organic NZ Magazine and right now I am in the process of writing my book ‘Empowered Living‘.

Check out this video of Kamilla in action – Food Intolerances


‘I was feeling depressed and knew I had no logical reason for it. In treatments with Kamilla I have found an inner happiness and I I’ve “found myself”. I relate to the world in a much more meaningful way. Along the way I have faced my addictions and fears and also had muscular pain relief. I feel relieved and happy to embrace the world!’

MC Auckland, New Zealand

‘My back pain is gone and I can perform tasks that I would not have considered 6 months ago. Our meditation sessions have also cleared my mind from negative patterns and has improved my relationships with family and friends. I am a much calmer, positive person as a result of our sessions.’

SK, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

‘Kamilla was absolutely amazing! My baby daughter had really bad eczema and when I avoided certain foods and went on a detox her skin improved within a month!’

Karen Jones, Auckland, New Zealand.