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Katrina Brady


Katrina has had a strong connection to all things spiritual since a very young age and has pursued a theoretical and experiential understanding of it throughout her entire adult life. Originally from the Philadelphia area, she has lived in India, South Korea, and now Ireland since 2013. She has worked in the healing and intuitive arts since 2010.

She is an astrologer who specializes in combining astrological healing with cosmic ritual work. She endeavors to empower people to create change in their lives through utilizing natural lunar and cosmic cycles.
Developing a communicative and participatory relationship with our life cycles is important to Katrina. She seeks to do this through her lunar centered work, helping others remember their innate and ancient capability to utilize the energetic opportunities the moon offers through a modern framework. She also does this through various mediums including astrology, various healing modalities, and tarot. Every session is tailor-made to suit the needs of the client.

In addition to leading popular lunar workshops and moon circles, she is the writer of a yearly moon cycle journal, is a consulting astrologer, works through several healing modalities, and is also a co-facilitator at Blue Rose School of Astrology.

Below are Katrina’s therapies, costs, and testimonials.

Astrology Mentorship and Healing

1 hour: €80

1.5 hours: €110

Lunar Healing

1 hour: €60

Theta Healing

1 hour: €60

1.5 hours: €85

Reiki or IET

1 hour: €60

Tarot Reading

45 minutes: €50

60 minutes: €60

Access Bars

60 minutes: €60

Katrina also often uses a mix of all of the above within session at no additional cost <3


“Katrina has incredible intuition and powerful empathy skills. With her guidance I’ve been able to begin to untie knots in my past, banishing the related anxiety.”

“Katrina thank you for the powerful Theta Healing sessions you’re an amazing healer can’t recommend you enough. You’re such a genuine, caring and knowledgeable therapist and I can’t wait for our next session”

“Katrina is a rare gem with lots of expert knowledge, soul wisdom and a compassionate heart. Her Theta healing session was wonderful, deep and it shifted a lot already. “

“Before chatting with Katrina, I could feel something was about to shift in my life. Katrina’s (astrology) reading gave me clarity around what has been happening for me now and how it resonates now with what has happened in my past. It is so reassuring to know that the push i have been feeling for months now is a “real thing” and that the heavens do indeed want me to succeed! Thank you so much Katrina”