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Leni Morrison


Growing up around my family’s healing sanctuary ‘Tuan’ for many years, it was natural for me to explore and develop my emerging empathic intuition and my channelling abilities. Throughout my life, I have always loved sharing my knowledge with heart-centred people who want to be cleared of their unconscious programming and who want to connect with their ‘Light’ bodies Higher selves.

I developed further as a channel while living in a spiritual community in Brazil. It was here that I had deeply profound spiritual awakenings and my multi-dimensional aspects flourished. My Kundalini energy accelerated and I became fully immersed in service to others and for many years I have been intensively meditating for the purpose of assisting Spiritual and Divine as well as Distant healing.  

I became a Reiki Master, Practitioner and Teacher in 2003 and since have become initiated into both the Violet Flame Reiki Attunement of the Sacred Goddess, Quan Yin & work now with my Galactic family as a Galactic Shaman.  During sessions  clients get powerful insights into their own multi-dimensional facets and can clear lower ancestral energies and discarnate  It is through this powerful ‘unlocking experience’ that we work on soul alignment, removal of contrasting contracts and access the akashic records. We  also activate the full potential of the client in the NOW-time. After a session most clients say they experience amplified life-force energy as they’ve shed lifetimes of psychic debris and as such feel fully renewed and it’s with a new understanding of their soul purpose that they literally soar with their High Heart Activation’s! My hope is that my client transcend in their own lives and also in the lives of many, many generations to come.

I also run meditations weekly from my home and can be available for group gatherings.

Pricing for treatments –

Galactic Shaman work 150  euros for an hour and a half – I weave between the worlds, connect with your guides – galactic and earthly and we do the work in trance channelling.

Violet flame reiki 3 sessions for 195 euros or 1 session for 70 euro – we clear the chakras and aura using violet flames symbols
Vibrational Energy Healing – 90 euro for 90 minutes – we clear discarnate, release karmic implants and balance the chakras
Spiritual Life Coaching – we can work on emotional aspects of your life, build up confidence change false belief systems – transform thought processes so client moves into higher timelines
Ancestral Healing – 100 euro for an hour and a half – we clear the past and the pain of the past through the bloodlines on the father and the mother line
Spiritual Healing – 120 euro for 1 hour and a half – intense clearing of the pineal gland through sound and vibration, clears emotional blocks ,past lives, and we delve into the Akashic records.