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Mandalei Kuhn


Mandalei is an energy healer, trained in Reiki, Tibetan Sound Bowl therapy and Fogo Sagrado Shamanic therapy. She is a spiritual guide, reading auras and energy bodies and depending on your unique needs she tailors each session to suit you. She is an expert manifester, a qualified NLP practitioner and extremely passionate about facilitating and empowering people to find their soul’s purpose. Mandalei has trained with Tibetan masters in Nepal, Celtic shamans here in Ireland and healers in the Amazon jungle. Her thirst for understanding energy and how we can heal ourselves has taken her to very remote regions of the World where she has learned ancient techniques she’ll incorporate into your session if suitable for you. 

Once a corporate lawyer dealing with stress, panic and anxiety, a health scare caused Mandalei to look critically at her life and how her health became compromised. After a major operation to remove dangerous tumors from her reproductive organs she was told her chances of conceiving were slim and was recommended to undergo very intense IVF treatment to preserve her fertility. Upon completion she went on to learn everything she could about healing her body naturally through energy work. In a very short period of time she cured herself of 12 years of xanax-treated anxiety followed by manifesting the career and man of her dreams followed by unexpectedly conceiving, naturally and without any medical intervention. She credits these miracles to her energy healing work.
Mandalei understands that we can all thrive if we look after our energy body…and in healing the energy body, healing the mind organically follows. What is special about Mandalei as a therapist is that she facilitates and empowers you to heal yourself rather than allowing you to become dependent on sessions with her.  If you are feeling imbalance in your life, dealing with fertility issues, considering a career transition or recovering from a loss, book in with Mandalei, she will undoubtedly help guide you back to yourself.
Mandalei also facilitates groups through Cacao Ceremonies, Chakra Balancing & Manifestation Workshops and Sound Baths, in Ireland and internationally. You can contact her at