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Mike Mannix draws on over 16 years of professional service, treating thousands of clients and teaching hundreds of students from around the world, using traditional Japanese stress relief, pain management techniques. He is the founder and creator of the ‘Kikoh Reiki Ryoho School’ based in the Dublin Wellness CentreSouth William Street & The Healing Hub Marley Park Courtyard Rathfarnham. 

His busy practice was filmed in an RTE 1 Documentary ‘This is Me’ in 2011 and he’s also written for Positive Life MagazineKikoh Reiki also won the prestigious 2020 EU Business News Irish Enterprise Award for ‘Best Traditional Japanese Reiki School’.

Mike is an active teacher leader and practitioner in the field of Traditional Japanese Reiki, Personal Self-Development & DGT Meditation providing a deeply relaxing and beneficial combination of treatments that leaves you feeling focused, sharp, lucid, and rested with a new drive for daily life.

Treatments are tailored to meet your needs and are suitable for those in all walks of life, during pregnancy, new-born babies, senior citizens, those in poor health and the terminally ill. Whether you’re a professional looking for that ‘Focus Edge’ or just looking for the ‘Zen Chill Switch’ this is for you.

Kikoh Reiki is an excellent aid for overcoming stress, bereavement, anxiety, insomnia, sporting injuries and anyone preparing for a high pressure public speaking or sporting event. The deep relaxation reached during a Kikoh Reiki treatment helps to soothe and reduce pain, calming the mind, resulting in quicker recovery.

The Japanese approach to stress management and relief, works on the premise that, pain, discomfort or disease of the mind and body, are as a result of the bodies bio-energy or ‘Ki’ (Chi in Chinese) becoming stagnant or sluggish (Stasis) and unable to flow properly compromising the immune system.

By re-balancing, the flow of Ki energy, with positioned hand techniques (Tenohira) placed gently around and above the body, or on the affected area, enables the body and mind to alleviate the effects of stress, pain, and inflammation.

Mikes in-depth streetwise approach adds a unique perspective on how to live and balance your life whatever your age and stage, and is available 7 days a week for appointments, courses & meditation. For more information please visit or +353 87 7600 502.