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Having undertaken courses in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Orna O’Beirne found on her own journey that complementary therapies worked well hand in hand with the therapeutic process. During the course of her studies, she worked one on one with clients in a counselling setting, has experience working on a helpline and provided care work to clients in a counselling centre in Dublin.

Orna O’Beirne  found that the skills learned through the counselling course, along with the experience gained in her client-based experience proved to be invaluable in her work as a spiritual healer.

It was during Orna”s undertaking of a counselling course where she became increasingly interested in learning about reiki as she felt it helped to heal certain emotional difficulties that other techniques were falling short on.

People from all walks of life can benefit from energy healing and for a multitude of reasons – it can assist in healing emotional difficulties, as well as assisting on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Orna O’Beirne  trained in Tera-Mei Reiki and has also undertaken courses in Crystal Healing, Chelation (Earth Energy) Healing, Magnified Healing and Angelic Healing which, all incorporated together, alongside counseling and other skills meld wonderfully to compliment each other in a healing session.

Orna continues to expand her skills as she finds it hugely beneficial for both personal and professional development.