The Body Speaks – How Our Subconscious Beliefs Affect Our Health

December 23, 2019, ,

“I was astounded by the sudden shift I felt within my body and mind during this powerful balance. I felt as though I had experienced a much needed cleanse.”

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The Body Speaks - How Our Subconscious Beliefs Call The Shots

As a newbie to the team at Dublin Wellness Centre, I was invited to a session with resident Kamilla Harra – a multidisciplinary therapist who combines her background in psychology with holistic healing for a grounded and practical, yet enlightening, approach to bring her clients to a balanced state of harmony.

I was intrigued as to how Kinesiology, Psych-K, Nutrition, Psychology, Energy and Sound Healing could be used as an all-rounded approach to happiness and wellbeing, so I arrived with an open mind and no particular expectations, but a healthy ounce of general anticipation.

Coincidentally, I had been recovering from an illness when I went to see Kamilla. In fact, I had even thought about cancelling – though Kamilla’s focus to align the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual self led me to believe it may be a good thing, after-all.

Immediately, I knew that I made the right decision when I was greeted by Kamilla’s warm and welcoming nature. As we began talking, It became clear that Kamilla is extremely wise, highly intuitive and passionate about her areas of expertise.

I was enlightened to learn that my current health issues were partially as a result of unhelpful past patterns that had reached their expiry date. As somebody who is generally self aware, I happily face my personal obstacles as they come – though Kamilla really helped me to understand how all of these obstacles stem from the same old pattern. Through her detailed approach, she explained the importance of self compassion which had been a missing link for me.

For the next part of our session, I was brought into a deeply meditative state which I can only describe as ‘other worldly’. Kamilla has a special kind of skill that allows you to feel safe and become vulnerable enough to access parts of you that had been neglected or forgotten. Tears streamed gently as we worked through this mesmerising meditation together before using muscle testing to further access my subconscious beliefs.

Kinesiology works by using the body’s own feedback system to discover the root causes of issues, aka ‘asking the body questions’. Kamilla informed me that our conscious mind is only responsible for about 4% of our brain. 96%, including all which is stored in the body, is unconscious aka beyond our awareness. Kinesiology checks the response from your body to find the reasons why it is unwell and also finds the precise steps towards resolving it. Kamilla used Kinesiology to identify unhelpful beliefs I had which had been impacting my health negatively.

During muscle testing, I place my arm straight in front of me before Kamilla asked me to me repeat a particular statement as she attempted to push my arm down against my resistance. Astonishingly, when I declared a statement that felt true, I had the ability to hold my arm up strongly, whereas when I repeated a statement that was false, I had no power whatsoever. This allowed us to access feelings and beliefs that I held within my body, against my conscious awareness.

Lastly, I experienced a Psych K Balance – a process that designed to create balanced communication with both hemispheres of the brain – left and right, logical and emotional, which sums Kamilla’s work entirely. I was asked to cross my arms and my legs and repeat a particular positive statement several times until a change in perspective could be felt. To my surprise, the sudden shift I felt within my body and mind during this powerful balance was very real. I felt as though I had experienced a much needed cleanse.

When we finished up our session together, I felt as though my mind had been opened in a way it hadn’t before, which was deeply inspiring. I left feeling hopeful about the future, enlightened about my life and encouraged to continue on the path of compassion towards myself.

A big thank you to Kamilla Harra for a wonderful, mind expanding session. I genuinely cannot wait to return! To experience an invaluable session for yourself, email kamilla.therapy@gmail.com