€70-€90 (follow up – first consultation)


€70-€90 (follow up – first consultation)

Naturopathy focuses on the whole person, rather than the symptoms of a particular conditions or disease, wherby the root cause of the problem will be identified and treated.

Good health and wellness is what naturopathic treatment is all about. The main emphasis of naturopathy is the belief that the body has an inbuilt ability to strive for health. The role of a naturopath is to work with a person to promote the natural healing of the body. Naturopathy is rooted in the belief that our health is more than just the absence of disease.  It works on strengthening the body’s natural defences.

The Dublin Wellness Centre Naturopaths use a multi therapy approach to your health care which stimulates your body’s natural self-healing mechanisms. We specialize in Acupuncture, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda, tongue and pulse diagnosis & Massage.

Your treatment plan may include advice on diet, lifestyle, exercise, Bach Flower Remedies, Tissue Salts and basic herbal and homeopathic treatments.

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