Allergy Testing


€50 -30mins, €100 - 60mins


€50 -30mins, €100 - 60mins

Kinesiology and muscle testing helps you find which foods are good for you, and are best avoided.

We use Kinesiology to identify food and environmental sensitivities that affect energy levels and digestive system imbalances. Simply explained, it is a system based on manually testing of muscle reactions to discover results of certain allergy testing.

Kinesiology can be extremely accurate when used for allergy testing, however, it depends heavily on the knowledge and skill of the practitioner. We can assure you that at the Dublin Holistic Centre our practitioners are of the highest professional standard.

30 mins
– Food sensitivity testing (50 most common)
– Identifying energy imbalances in the body
– Nutritional advice

60 mins
– Food sensitivity testing (50 most common)
– Mineral and vitamin balancing
– Identifying and correcting energy imbalances in the body
– Analysis of symptoms
– Detailed nutritional advice
– Easy to follow treatment plan

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Kamilla Harra

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