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Ancestral Healing



Healing your ancestors unresolved issues, problems or trauma.

Ancestral Healing involves healing your ancestors unresolved issues, problems or trauma. Ancestral Healing is an important part of our personal transformation. It is a way of freeing ourselves from debilitating behaviour patterns, cultural conditioning, family grief, shame and sexual abuse that have kept secrets hidden, enabling wounds to continue from generation to generation, with some family members unconsciously playing out the ‘dramas’ in successive generations. It is time to either hand back or transmute the Memory held on different levels of our consciousness. My understanding is that we hold memory of what we have experienced from conception to now, Soul Memory and Ancestral Memory and these strands of memory intertwine. In other words, as a Soul we choose a certain family/lineage as they give us the perfect ‘conditions’ to learn lessons and heal trauma that we carry. Our ‘Life experiences’ are held as energetic imprints in our energy field or physical body and can be transformed so that they no longer affect our health and wellbeing on any level.

Some of the benefits are:
Improving our relationship to our origins.
this alleviates internal conflict, conflicting commitments, resentments, that we carry in our DNA and our bodies
Improving our physical, mental emotional and spiritual health and that of our lineage

Ancestral Healing is a form of self care and is an essential part of the solution to planetary healing at this time – it involves healing for our past, present and future generations.

Ancestral healing can transform energetic patterns that are not for your highest good, or are preventing you from carrying out your soul’s journey and life’s purpose.

This is a 90 minute session for 90 euros.

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