AnMo Fu Abdominal Massage


€60 for one hour

Anmo fu is also know as Deep Organ Massage, is a deeply relaxing massage for the abdomen

The abdomen is home to our second brain. Restrictions to this area can cause issues to the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, absorb water, battle pathogens, regulate our hormones, and stabilize our moods. AnMo Fu is an ancient Chinese massage technique that works solely on the abdominal region. The Taoist Monks used this technique to promote good physical and mental health. The massage clears both physical and emotional “stagnation,” understood by Chinese Medicine to be held in the abdomen. It relieves tension and helps stimulate blood and lymph flow. AnMo Fu Abdominal Massage can help with fatigue, anxiety, headaches/migraines, back pain, wind/bloating, menstrual disorders, fertility, and irritable bowel syndrome.

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Amanda Nordell

Now practicing from Windy Arbour, Dundrum
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