1 hour- €80 or 1.5 hours - €110


1 hour- €80 or 1.5 hours - €110

The more aware we are of ourselves and our astrology, the more we can plan and co-create with ease for what is ahead of us

We all have different patterning and areas of our lives being illuminated and processed at any given time. Astrology operates as a language and framework to understand what is present in our lives as a way to interpret the deeper meaning that they reflect, and how they are interconnected to our past and reverberate into our future..

Astrology teaches us how to step into flow.

That flow empowers ourselves through understanding the opportunities that lie ahead.

Within an astrology mentor-ship session, we will explore your birth chart in relation to what is being triggered for you currently and generally for the up coming 12 months.

For example, we could focus on what is being brought up cosmically which might illuminate a focus on developing your visibility/work/relationships/etc. Or if something is going on for you in particular that you would like more clarity on, we could focus the session around the deeper meaning of what is going on for you and how that may develop over the next year.

Within a session, I will not be able to tell you the specifics of what will happen to you over the next year. For example, we will work together to look at the process around any particular point in your chart like work, but I will not be able to disclose any predictive foresight.

You are the co-creator of your reality.

Astrological guidance seeks to help you develop and nurture that ability.

Astrological Mentorship Session Details:

  • 60 or 90 minute consultation where we will explore what is being brought up for you currently and generally for the next 12 months. Healing techniques will be incorporated if needed and if time allows
  • this session will be audio recorded for your records
  • you will receive a PDF with the transit timelines that will be discussed

60 Minutes: €80

90 Minutes: €110

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