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Learning the art of communication is just as important as learning the art of love!

Relationships take work. It isn’t always smooth sailing. Sometimes problems arise right from the beginning, and other times they show up later on or during a stressful event. Whatever the point in the relationship, or the hardships that have come up, or if the couple is trying to prevent problems from building up or even starting in the first place; couples counselling can benefit almost all couples with their relationships. Many couples find themselves seeking out couples counselling as a way to help themselves through difficult periods when both partners are going through a developmental change and the way they relate to one another may be changing as well.

The counsellors at the Dublin Wellness Centre aim to give couples a safe space in order to help a relationship in distress or help prevent a relationship from going into distress in a number of ways: clarifying issues, addressing the emotions experienced by both parties, facilitating honesty and intimacy, helping individuals take responsibility for themselves and creating movement in the relationship from a place of personal authenticity.

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Wei Sim Ho

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