Japanese Acupuncture


€70-€50 – (First Consultation – follow up)


€70-€50 – (First Consultation – follow up)

An almost painless treatment for the very sensitive patient!

Chinese medicine arrived in Japan in the 6th century and has been practised for over 14 centuries. The difference is that greater importance is placed on palpation, careful location and stimulation of reactive points in Japanese acupuncture. The pulse, stomach and channels over the body are palpated to determine certain imbalances or ‘reflex areas’, which can be physically altered by the stimulation of specific points. This change will then allow the body to re-balance & heal itself.

The needles used in this style of acupuncture are smaller and the general technique is gentler. The needles penetrate just under the surface of the skin, making it a good alternative to people who find Chinese acupuncture uncomfortable.

The main goal of Japanese acupuncture is to diagnose and treat the core imbalance of the person, getting to the root cause of their specific condition and working to resolve it.


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