Lunar Healing


1 hour: €60

Lady's Moon healing energy is soft, gentle, yet deeply trans-formative. When She is being channeled, She gently illuminates for us quite specifically what needs to be focused on and transformed for our highest emotional and Soulful growth

The lunar cycle offers us different potent opportunities through the New and Full Moon for transformation healing work, especially combined through the awareness of how these energies are connecting in with yourself through your birth chart.

During this hour together we will look at what this the current Moon phase is invoking within your chart for healing and then use various techniques like energy healing and belief work to facilitate a deep healing for yourself.

We will:

  •  discuss at what arena of life it is highlighting for you (if you have your exact time of birth). So whether that is relationship, career, home, learning, etc.


  •  discuss what the New or Full Moon is specifically invoking for you in relation to your planets. So, whether that is your ambition, Soul’s focus, emotional processing, healing, spirituality, what you are creating, etc.


  • with a clear idea then of what the Moon is directing your Soul’s focus on, we will work to identify any limiting beliefs that might be coming up at this time, so that you can best integrate your New Moon experience


  • this will prepare you for the New or Full Moon  and will amplify your intention that will be seeded at that time.


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Katrina Brady

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