Nutritional Therapy


€90-€70 (First Consultation)


€90-€70 (First Consultation)

Find the foods that really suit your health goals!

Are you confused by endless contradictory messages on what to eat for optimum health? Are you frustrated by the constant stream of new diets claiming to change your life? Nutritional therapy is an individualised assessment of your bodily systems. This treatment offers a simple, realistic and scientific approach to your individual diet, health and lifestyle.

Address digestive disturbances, common food allergies, lack of energy, skin conditions, mental/emotional conditions, weight loss/weight gain, food cravings, athletic performance, sleep issues, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a wide range of other conditions.

With nutritional therapy, you will receive an individualised food and lifestyle plan that gets to the root of your specific health condition. You will learn to make smarter food and lifestyle choices, develop a healthier relationship with food and learn preventative medicine practices. Our nutritionists are here to give you constant motivation and support.

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Which Therapist suits you best? Below they outline their experience, style & availability. You can contact them directly or you can phone or email us on Reception.

Laurann O’Reilly

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Sandra Lawes

Wednesday - or alternative days by appointment only
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