Oracle Reading



Oracle Readings are a guided journey into your soul to provide guidance and practical tools.

Oracle Reading

Who is an Oracle? In ancient times the Oracle was a Priestess of the Gods. She had the gift of prophecy and could foresee the future. This Priestess often spoke in riddles, and would communicate with a seeker. She had the ability to read and interpret what to others would seem random or disconnected. And could understand the language of nature being a clear channel for the Gods. The most known Oracle is the Oracle of Delphi. Her name was Pythia and she was also the High Priestess of the Temple of Apollo.

There were many Oracles in different cultures throughout the world and they were usually Priests or Priestesses. In the Celtic tradition we had the Druids and in Tibet we have the Nechung Oracle. In Italy we had the “Sibilla”, the Oracle of Cuma (the now modern Naples). She was High Priestess of Hekate or Apollo and a powerful healer. 

What is an Oracle Reading? During a reading, different Oracle cards are used whilst connecting with Spirit. It is a powerful journey into the soul. Through an Oracle reading you can look at why you are stuck or have a certain negative pattern. The cards can give you guidance and practical help too. Oracle cards can give you insights on different areas of our life and provide the seeker with answers to their innermost questions. The answers are prophetic in nature and can provide a glimpse into the future. Oracle readings are also healing journeys where we talk and look at specific areas of your life. A profound healing happens when you come face to face with your fears and negative energies. We face them so that you can move through them; heal and accept yourself; transform and be free.

Readings are not fortune telling, they are a guided journey into your soul.
When to have an Oracle reading: 

-If you feel stuck
-Are encountering the same issue (no matter where you are or what you do)
-You feel there is more to life than meets the eye
-Would like to make a change, not sure what direction to take…..
-Want to have clarity about your path

Investment: €80 for a 45min reading 


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