Theta Healing


1 hour: €60

Theta Healing is a powerful energy talking therapy that seeks to release limiting beliefs that manifest as blocks in various areas of life.

The practitioner guides the client through gentle retrospective conversation to find the root of the particular issue and then connects to Source consciousness through the Theta State to pull and release the root belief and downloads new, supportive beliefs. 
Quite simply, it is different from other energy therapies in that it seeks to locate the negative belief at the root of a particular issue for release. For example, seeking to find out what belief is manifesting through a particular symptom like anxiety or behavior like being incapable of saving money.
It is very useful particular in clearing issues relating to relationships, business, money, confidence, anxiety, stress, manifesting, etc.
Life gets to be easy, Theta Healing is certainly a way to make huge shifts with ease!

1 hour: €60

1.5 hours: €85

Deep dive: Three 60 minute sessions at €160

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