Womb Healing



Womb Healing is a guided journey into your most sacred space: your Yoni and Womb. On this tailored made healing journey, the therapist will help you access the astonishing Transformative, Creating and Healing Power of your Womb.

This is a path for women of all ages and backgrounds. During your sessions the therapist will work with what suits your energy and your circumstances, as each individual responds to different energies in different ways.

Your womb is your centre of gravity, joy, love, healing, strength, creativity, and power. It is also the centre of your emotions, desires, passions, and dreams. Your womb holds creativity, empowerment, and sexual energy. It is your web of life. All women emanate and gather energy from outside sources in the womb. We are designed to collect energy in our wombs so that we can bring clearance, healing, and balance. Which is how we did it in ancient times.

You will embark on a journey into the Holy of Holies and work together by listening to your voice, your energy, your spirit, the Goddess within, and by creating a sacred trinity with the Goddess. The focus is to suit your specific needs and awaken your unique gifts. Journeying into the Womb is a profound transformative experience. You’ll experience layers of knowledge and wisdom that you never thought you had.

Why Womb Healing? There are many wounds, energies and barriers within the womb that inhibit the flow of her power and expression: trauma and illness and life experiences. We leak energy from these wounds and we allow negative energy to enter our sacred space. These energies can dissipate our potency, empowerment, and creative potential. By receiving womb healing, we allow the womb to feel safe, nurtured, and free to bloom and express herself. Our womb is the womb of the world and the cosmos. Women hold the un-manifested energy of Goddess within their bellies, and all this creative potential can be used to create miracles.

By connecting with our womb we heal, we learn to stand in our power, and we create. Our womb creates sacred union between our Yin and Yang energies, it reminds us that we are Creatrix, Goddesses, the Source of all existence.

A womb healing can help with:

-Creative power
-Deep healing (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual)
-Menstrual Cycle
-Reproductive system

-And much more…..

The best way to experience Womb Healing is in a series of sessions. It is recommended to have seven sessions (once a week or fortnightly) as a healing journey into your Womb. All healing sessions tend to be experiential and explorative, using breath, energy healing, tools, movement, meditation, and prayers.

A single 1 hour individual womb healing session is €80. The journey of 7 sessions  is 550€ (this includes: Initial consultation, 7 sessions of 1 hour each and thorough support throughout your healing journey)


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