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Which Yoga Style Is Best For You?

January 17, 2020, 

When you’re trying something new, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There are so many different styles of yoga – don’t they all mean the same thing?

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Which yoga style is best for you?

Yoga is becoming more and more popular across Ireland – and for good reason; it’s health benefits are becoming known as it massively relaxes our nervous system, increases our immunity and generally makes us happier to be around.

The ancient yogis even believe that your breath represents your longevity in life. Therefore, long, deep and slow breaths allow for a long and rich life. 

Winter is tough – let’s face it. Darkness can last until 8:30am and begin again at 5, leaving little time for recreational pursuits. Having a consistent practice such as yoga throughout the Winter months, however, is an amazing way that we can stay fit, enjoy a little mindfulness and cultivate some peace into our everyday lives. 

When you’re trying something new, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There are so many different styles of yoga – don’t they all mean the same thing?

Yes! They do bring you into a state of relaxation, meditation and peaceful contentment however they all have a different ‘flavour’ – some of which are designed to ignite your energy, while others aim to deliver ultimate chill vibes. It’s easier to know where to begin once you know what each style means…

Vinyasa Yoga

  • Vinyasa is essentially breath synchronised movement. It encourages the importance of your breath – body connection, leaving you flowing through a series of postures, almost like a dance. Each swaying movement is linked with the inbreath and then the outbreath, therefore the pace can sometimes be a little stronger if you’re a beginner. Due to it’s continuous movement, Vinyasa is a great but gentle work-out.

Hatha Yoga

  • Hatha translates as ‘force’ but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s strenuous. It is the yoga practice from which all of the other styles originated from. The goal is to balance the opposing energies of the body – masculine and feminine, yin and yang. This is done by a combination of seated, standing and lying postures alongside breath-work and meditation. It is the perfect foundational yoga practice to begin your journey at a relatively smooth pace. 

Yin Yoga

  • When you think about stretching, yin should be the first on your mind. Yin yoga is a particular, specialized style that not only strengthens our muscular system; it works deeper to target the connective tissue between the muscles; inviting you to breathe into any tightness and resistance. Yin is all about stilling both the body and the mind, so postures can be held around 5 minutes at a time and don’t require much movement at all. The philosophy of yin is that once we meet our resistances on the mat and breathe gently into them, we can strengthen our resilience outside the mat too. 

Kundalini Yoga

  • Kundalini is an extremely unique style of yoga. We once heard somebody share that once you walk into a kundalini class, you should forget everything you know about yoga! Kundalini uses a combination of deep breath-work, chanting, meditation and also some traditional yoga postures combined with movement – all in a bid to raise our vital life ‘kundalini’ energy, allowing us to connect with ourselves and reach a deep state of enlightenment. Leave your ego at the door when you enter a kundalini yoga class, it is an experience everybody should try.


We have a lot of other classes on offer all the time. We’re really happy to announce that starting in February, we have added even more classes to the Dublin Wellness Centre timetable – meaning you can use your class passes morning, noon and night.


If you would like further assistance about what class might suit you best, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at – we look forward to seeing you on the mat!