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"Because Wellness Works"

Workplace Wellness

Empowering a stronger Team

Dublin Wellness Centre takes pride in providing your organisation with a creative approach to Corporate Wellness.

We know what we’re talking about & how to communicate our message, we know how to inspire real change, don’t take ourselves too seriously, we love what we do and we do it really well.

We are fun, inspiring and passionate

As the largest centre for Natural Wellness in Ireland with a team of over 80 highly qualified & experienced Therapists & Teachers, Speakers & Workshop Facilitators, to choose from, you are guaranteed the best professionals in the Natural Health & Wellness Industry.

We are a "bricks & mortar" business, based in a gorgeous Georgian building on South William St., we've been in business for over 14 years and have built up a strong reputation as industry leaders, which we proudly stand over, in particular, our attention to detail, our quality of service & professionalism and our authenticity. 

We get employees engaged and excited, so they walk away feeling inspired to take care of themselves and empowered to put their new knowledge into action

Workplace Wellness Classes

Yoga, Pilates, or Mindfulness Meditation classes

Improve adaptability & core strength both mentally & physically! We assure you that’s not an empty promise. What we learn to achieve physically, has a direct & corresponding impact mentally.

Weekly or once-off* in your workplace or in our studios!

*We’ll always be honest: A one-off class will not create lasting change. But may inspire!

Workplace Massage

Indian Head Massage, Back Neck & Shoulder, Foot massage or Full body.

The difference between our Massages and everywhere else is the difference between nurturing & pampering. We only choose Massage Therapists who really & truly care. Leaving you feeling nurtured & held in the strong & compassionate hands of a professional.

We do one- off events or offer weekly workplace massage, we can even use a little of our magic turning a disused store-room into a tranquil oasis and provide weekly massage service!

Wellness Workshops - “lunch & learn”

Our workshops are engaging and informative, exciting & fun

What stress really is and how to avoid it!

  • Feel more alive
  • Meditation made easy
  • Productivity inside out
  • What are you allergic to and how to build up immunity!

We provide you with all the intra-office marketing materials you need to get the word out, so that we can provide your employees with a "lunch-n-learn" they actually want to attend!

Employees leave all of our healthy hangout sessions with a "Cheat Sheet" so that they can take all the goodness learned in our time together and implement it in their lives.

We are constantly thinking of new workshops and welcome any ideas for the needs of your office!

Other Services include

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    In-Office, Personal, Health Coaching

    Health is personal! Private 1:1 in-office health coaching sessions for your employees to get their personalized plans from certified professionals that really care.

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    Group Cleanse

    We don't believe in "Detoxing," but every now and again a diet re-set is a great way to get back on track. Why not do it with the support of your co-workers and a team health coach!

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