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Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Workshop


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December 9 - December 9, 2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Rosemary O’Donohue and Livia Nagy


Negative emotions, such as shame, guilt, disapproval, or even constant worry, physical and emotional overload, are all stored in the pelvis area of our body, and thus we revert to our learned behavior. Many are trying to solve the resistance in the “brain” or heart” even if that is actually done by our body, at a visceral level, it is astonishing but true, that to some extent, the unconscious resistance of our body is behind infertility…
Biodynamic breathwork and trauma release therapy which includes conscious breathing, touch techniques, movement, and meditation helps us to access and unlock these blocks, to release the shields, to break down our defense mechanisms and to open ourselves to the feelings we have suppressed. Those who have had enough of the endless re-creating of their trauma through “just talking about it”, or the brain-tricks like “leave-it-and-you’ll-get-it”, will be pleased to know there are other ways to help themselves in a safe nurturing space. Here is an opportunity to release the body from deep-seated anxiety or trauma which is now causing a feeling of stress in your everyday.

We invite you to an interactive workshop of 6 hours where we will focus on the stresses and blocks stored in the area around the pelvis and hip through the folllowing effective methods :

Starting with a Cacao Ceremony,
followed by OSHO Dynamic Meditation, and
Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release (BBTR)Bodywork and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).

As we breathe and begin to feel it in the body we begin to express through emotional release, movement, and sound allowing what we have suppressed or ignored to be released and this becomes a liberating feeling.
Learn to intuitively listen to your own body to feel the answer which cannot be told and heard on a verbal level. Give yourself this gift, feel the change – we invite you to come to join us on this amazing journey.

Main contra-indications for this workshop would be pregnancy, cardiovascular problems, severe psychiatric symptoms, recent surgery or injury. If your well-being is a concern as to whether it is suitable for you to participate in this workshop please get in touch. The capacity of the venue is limited so participation can only be made by prior appointment.

Participation fee: €100

Your guides:
– Lívia Nagy, Certified BBTR therapist
– Rosemary O’Donohue BBTR & holistic therapist

Make your enrollment now via Messenger or
Phone: +353892007845 or +447624458862
Upon registration, you’ll receive the banking details to make your transfer.

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