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Cacao Ceremony Dublin


Event Details

May 26, 2019 - May 26, 2019
2:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Paula Gibson


€30 – 35


You are very welcome to join us in ceremony with Cacao, a beautiful heart-opening and soul-connecting medicine.

A Cacao ceremony is an opportunity for you to connect with yourself and what is moving within you. With the help of Cacao to guide you deeper and help your beautiful heart to open, you can let go of what no longer serves and open to the expanse of who you really are and all the gifts you hold.

We will sit together, drink a delicious cup of Keith’s Cacao and allow this beautiful medicine to open our hearts and bring us to a place of deeper connection to ourselves, to each other and to whatever arises within the circle.

This is Cacao like no other! The original ceremonial Cacao, it is sourced from ‘The Chocolate Shaman’ in Guatemala, where the worldwide resurgence of Cacao as a spiritual partner began, and where we’ve spent many years working with and falling in love with this incredible, world expanding medicine.

As it works its way into your system we will tell you about Cacao, why it’s used in spiritual practices all over the world, and how to work with her. Then, once you feel her calling you within, we will lead you on a meditation to connect deeper and then give space for you to journey with Cacao and follow the guidance she is showing you.

We will be there to hold a loving space for whatever may arise, and to offer support and guidance where needed. We have many tools we can offer to assist you to journey deeper with Cacao and unlock some of the messages coming through in order to get the most out of your journey.

Cacao is a powerful but gentle and loving teacher plant that can help you access deep parts of yourself that are calling for your attention and love. She can help you release old patterns of conditioning; emotional, physical and mental blocks that no longer serve; and welcome in more joy, more love and more magic in their place…. More of you!

We gather in ceremony to allow Cacao to give us pointers in the direction of love, and it’s up to us whether or not we are ready to follow them.

Paula has been working deeply with cacao for many years in Guatemala, with the man behind the worldwide cacao resurgence, Keith Wilson aka ‘The Chocolate Shaman’. She leads Cacao ceremonies, Cacao dance and Cacao yoga in Dublin and is absolutely in love with this medicine which has been so aptly named ‘The Food for The Shift’

PRE-REGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL as spaces will be limited for this event.


€30 prepaid to paypal.me/hearttribecacao **Please give your FULL NAME and CACAO CEREMONY DUBLIN as a reference with your payment

Or €35 on the door (PRE-REGISTRATION still required by email to hearttribecacao@gmail.com)

We also have a Cacao Dance happening the night before in St. Kevin’s on South Circular road (details in the link below) and we are offering a special price for those who would like to join both. It can be really beautiful to experience two different sided of cacao in the one weekend.

Your cup will be lovingly prepared upon confirmation of attendance.

We are limiting the spaces to 18 for this ceremony and it sold out quickly last time so be sure to book in advance.

Things to note:

** PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED – This is not a drop in event

** BYOC – Bring Your Own Cup
Please bring your favourite cup or mug to drink your cacao from

The MAOIs in cacao can interact with some anti-depressant medication so Google your meds. It’s not dangerous, just unpleasant as it can create a migraine. Let me know if you’re taking any as I may need to alter your dose, but you can absolutely still join.

Cacao is safe and really good for developing babies but your dose may need to be lowered, depending on the stage so let me know if that applies to you.

Cacao increases your heart rate 20-30% so if this would be a problem for you let me know and I will alter your dose. It’s an amazing heart medicine but you may need to start slower with it.



Caffeine in the hours before as it may be over-stimulating and effect your connection to the cacao

Dairy in the hours before as it counteracts all the goodies in cacao (hence, doctors suggesting dark over milk chocolate)

Big meals in the hours before. Better to come with a nearly empty stomach. A small meal a couple of hours before is fine.

– Your favourite cup or mug
– Water, and come hydrated.
– Wear comfy clothes you’ll be happy to sit in for a few hours.
– A little snack to share after so we can go home grounded. (Optional but nice)

We will have blocks of the very best cacao available to purchase for €45 (11 ceremonial doses)

Looking forward to sharing this space with you.

Much love,