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Cultivate connection, intimacy & trust


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March 23 - March 23, 2019
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Katerina Kantsou
083 8818 098


An invitation to come and melt away whether with your partner or on your own. Whether you are engaged in a relationship or enjoying time with yourself, this first series of workshops aims to bring you in touch with your deepest, most sensitive parts of yourself.

You will explore issues of safety, connection and trust within you and with each other, and whether you allow yourself to connect and surrender in your relationship(s) or hold back. We will talk about intimacy and experience ways of expanding it. You will experience how it is to amplify and awake your senses (smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste), and how to surrender and let go. As a result, you will bring more awareness and clarity in your daily interactions.

We will assist you as you dive within, hold the space for you for anything that needs to emerge and be released, and support, guide and inspire you throughout this healing process. The workshop is based on experiential and interactive techniques, such as body-oriented and somatic exercises; drama games; pair work; meditation; sharing; journaling: techniques that are derived from the Bodynamic Somatic Analysis System and the Inner Child Work.

With the creation of a safe and nurturing environment, the participants will be encouraged to reflect, process and share, while enjoying the lovely bond of the group, as well as with themselves and/ or with their partners.

Everyone is welcome! Pre-booking is essential.


  • The facilitators:

Katerina Kantsou is a holistic therapist and energy healer, a Bodynamic Somatic System facilitator, an Inner Child therapist and a Yoga and Drama teacher for children and teenagers. She has been working individually with people since 2011 and has been leading workshops with groups since 2017. She is passionate about bringing healing through the body and in guiding people to access their most wounded, vulnerable parts within themselves, supporting them along the way.

Karolina Szemerda is a Reiki Master, a creative entrepreneur, founder of Enigma Theatre www.enigmatheatre.ie, a theatre director, writer and a drama facilitator. Karolina believes that art and theatre can heal and save people’s lives. She encourages artists and non-artists to use their potential and explore their creative forces. She promotes self-awareness and self-expression among her clients. Karolina’s lineage back to Dr. Usui: Dr. Mikao Usui – Dr. Chujiro Hayashi – Hawayo Takata – Iris Ishikuro- Arthur Robertson- Rick & Emma Ferguson – Margarette L. Shelton – Kathleen Ann Milner – Nora O’Neill – Judith McAdam.


  • What to bring:

-A bottle of water and a light snack

-Loose, comfortable clothes (no jeans/ skirts)

-A notebook and a pen.


  • Venue & date:

Saturday the 23rd of March, 3-6 pm @ Dublin Wellness Centre, 28 South William Street, Dublin 2, Studio 2.


  • Investment:

35 euros for each participant. Pre-booking is essential.


  • Contact details:

Call/ text at 083 8818 098 or at 085 7748 269 or email at:


karolina.szem@gmail.com   for inquiries and to book your place.


Join us for a loving, intimate and empowering 3-hour workshop, as we explore and support each other. If you have any further questions regarding the workshop, please do not hesitate to ask us.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!


Katerina & Karolina


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