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Fall In Love With You


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February 14 - February 14, 2020
6:15 pm - 9:00 pm


Jo Sachs-Eldridge


We are all unique. We are all creative and resourceful. We all have so much to bring to the world. 

Yet so many of us spend our time wishing we were better, different, more, other. 

So often we are not happy with what we’ve got and who we are. 

And yet, so often, the truth is we don’t even know what we’ve got and who we are. 

More and more research shows that if we know ourselves and really love ourselves for who we are then we are more likely to be happier in our relationships and our friendships. We are more likely to be content and energised by our work. We are more likely to be excited about the future – whatever it may bring. 

Loving ourselves gives us the resilience and bravery to face whatever life throws at us. And it also allows us to enjoy life to its fullest, as its happening, rather than waiting for that mythical time when all will be ‘perfect’. That waiting game rarely works. What we need to do is to enjoy the life we are living right now and enjoy the person we are right now

And what stands in the way of us being able to love ourselves right now? 

Ourselves. We stand in the way. We listen to our own internal dialogue that tells us we are not enough. And we don’t see our own unique strengths and all that we bring to the world. 

Fall in Love With You is a workshop we are hosting on Valentine’s Day – the day when you really need to show your love to the most important person in your life, to the person you need to love more than any other, to the person you need to love unconditionally and wholeheartedly. 

This workshop will provide you with tools for turning down that broken record we all hear in our heads, the one that tells us we are not good enough, not qualified enough, not smart enough, not funny enough…not enough. This workshop will help us to realise that those words we’ve been listening to, perhaps all of our lives, are not the voice of truth. And to realise that we have the power to stop letting that internal dialogue get in our way of doing what we want to do. 

Through a guided visualisation this workshop will also introduce you to the real you – the wiser, braver, more authentic, more loving you. A you that you can truly love. 

This visualisation is often an incredible revelation, an insight that can stay with you forever, guiding you to make changes in your life that are just right for you. Just right for the real you. 

Truly falling in love with who you really are is such an important and exciting part of our life’s journey. Who knows where it might take you. Who knows where you might go once you can get out of your own way and just be the real you. The real, lovable, loving you.  

We are very excited to be running this workshop in Dublin on Valentine’s Day. 

The workshop will follow a series of exercises that include time for reflection, journalling, gentle yoga, a guided visualisation, the sharing of experiences (1-2-1 or with the group for those who feel comfortable doing so) and, we hope, some revelations and insights that will help you know and love yourself more.

Its the perfect opportunity to take some time out of our busy lives and appreciate who we really are. 


We will provide yoga mats. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a notebook or journal and pen with you.