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Grounding- Tuning into the body


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June 2, 2019 - June 2, 2019
12:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Katerina Kantsou
083 8818 098


An invitation to the first series of experiential H.E.A.R.T. A.N.D. S.O.U.L. monthly workshops of in-depth bodywork, healing and relaxation in the centre of town. There will be a specific theme each time to explore and a carefully designed combination of theory, body-work exercises based on specific somatic therapeutic systems, group games, meditation, sharing, dance, art.

All of our experiences and feelings are restored and resided into our body. All of our life history is written throughout it. Being grounded means to be fully connected and in touch with one’s body, self and feelings. Because of incidents of trauma, we tend to freeze, tense our bodies and hold ourselves up in order not to feel. As a result, we are afraid to surrender to what we feel inside and what the body is telling us. We end up living in our heads and away from our heart and feelings.

Disconnecting from the body has a major impact in our psychological and physical health. It reduces our vitality and our life-force energy and makes us incapable of experiencing pleasure and joy in all aspects of life.

In this first meeting, we will address the tensions in our body and experience how it is to start releasing them and slowly surrender to the wisdom of our body. We will work through somatic and healing exercises, which are derived from Alexander Lowen’s Bioenergetics therapy system and the Bodynamic Somatic Analysis system. We will dance, meditate, explore partner yoga poses, share and process by tuning into our bodies. When we turn our attention inwards, we become the silent observers of our feelings and we learn to acknowledge and accept them.

The initials of H.E.A.R.T. A.N.D. S.O.U.L. stand for:

Hope Express Acknowledge Recreate Trust Accept Nurture Dance Share Observe Unite Laugh.

You are invited to explore and experience all the above!

-The Facilitator:

Katerina Kantsou is a holistic therapist and energy healer in the Dublin Wellness Centre, a Bodynamic Somatic System facilitator, an Inner Child therapist and a teacher of Yoga, Drama and creative movement for children and teenagers. She has worked in various theatrical groups as an assistant director and has guided actors through creative and healing movement. She has been working individually with people since 2011 in various healing centres both in her native Athens, as well as in Dublin, and has been leading workshops with groups since 2017. She is passionate about bringing healing through the body and in guiding people to access their most wounded, vulnerable parts within themselves, supporting them along the way.

-What to bring:

-Loose, comfortable clothes (no jeans/ skirts)

-A notebook and a pen.


35 euros. Pre-booking is essential.

-Contact details:

  • Contact details:

Call/ text at 083 8818 098 or email at:

katerina.kantsou@gmail.com for enquiries and to book your place.