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Moon Craft Part 2 – Your Cycles


Event Details

August 24 - August 24, 2019
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Katrina Brady


For those who have previously taken the Moon Craft workshop

The continuation of this work is based on your own current personal flow of energy. This is different from the moon cycle, where we anchor our intentions using the opportunities Luna gives us each month.

What we will do in this workshop is look at the bigger cycles we are personally moving through (called transits) and how to create a physical practice using the skills that were learned in the original Moon Craft workshop to help support them.

Within this workshop, we will review:

Review the crafting skills that you learned in the original Moon Craft Workshop
Learn the basics of different types of energy flows that we can move through (transits for
Learn how to apply the crafting skills to your own person cycles
Receive a personalised cycle timeline that Katrina will create for you, revealing a cycle that
you are currently moving through, a basic interpretation, and when your potent times for
spell casting are.
You will also learn a ritual that can be used at the beginning of a cycle and end of one,
using the herbal incense/spells that you create for them.

This is a beneficial practice that we can develop which enables you to work with the
energy available to you on a personal level.

This specific practice has personally tremendously helped me through more personally
difficult cycles as it took me out a state of feeling disempowered and helpless by opening
up the channel of communication through this physical practice. Through ritual and herbal
craft work I honoured the cycle I was moving through and was able to work with it in an
empowered way.
This workshop is 2 hours and is €33.

Taking the Moon Craft workshop with Katrina is a prerequisite for this course.

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