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Shoden Reiki Level 1


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April 20 - April 21, 2019
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Mike Mannix
087 760 0502




Japanese Shoden Reiki coupled with modern discoveries in science and life coaching techniques.

Shoden is a Japanese word that means ‘first teaching’ and as the name implies is the first step on the path of self-discovery and mastery. This ancient Japanese skill can be appreciated over the course of a weekend workshop, and is very easy to learn, and with practice you’ll get the hang of the basics.

You will learn how to use hand techniques called Tenohira that will enable you to tap into your inner potential power, or Ki energy. This energy which can be felt as heat being released from the palms, enables you to balance your bodies energy or Ki. By utilising these hands positions on yourself or others, allows it to alleviate the effects of stress, pain and inflammation!

This level is the bottom of the triangle of the system of Reiki, the base. Without a good base you will find it difficult to move on to delve deeper into the practice. We believe the system of Reiki is a life choice as it will affect every aspect of your life.

This courses practical techniques are based solely on traditional Japanese methods and are not in anyway associated with new age or angelic methods

With: Mike 
Date: Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of April
From: 10am – 5pm


For More information and booking visit – www.kikohreiki.com

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