Yoga and Massage with Yogita

August 7, 2018, 

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Dublin Wellness Centre owner Helen Lambe explains how the most amazing massage from Brazilian Yogita Om changed the course of her life


I’m so happy that the incredible Yogita Om will be coming back to the Dublin Wellness Centre this June. My relationship with Yogita goes back to 2015, when I took a trip to Brazil after losing my husband. It was a deeply emotional time for me as my world had been turned upside-down. I had always enjoyed holistic massage, but Yogita’s was totally different and resonated with me on a very deep and personal level.

Her massage was so spiritual and created an immediate, heartfelt connection between me and her that lasts to this day. It’s an experience I’ll never forget and is why I had to invite Yogita to Dublin. I wanted others to experience what I had experienced. The art of massage can offer people so much by way of restorative healing and wellness, and I would highly recommend that people try one of Yogita’s massages out for themselves to appreciate the true power and beauty of what she offers.

Unconditional satisfaction

Yogita says her massage “is about going deeper into yourself and emptiness and, from that place, ‘consciously touching’. A conscious touch, a loving touch, opens deeper dimensions in oneself and, at the same time, touching from a space of emptiness brings an unconditional satisfaction in just giving. The art is to just disappear into movement. When we surrender into emptiness, love is there, healing is there and the movement happens by itself.”

If you are exhausted, worried, anxious, tired, burnt out or just wish to surrender all your worries, I think you would really benefit from a session with Yogita (book here).

Kundalini meditation

Yogita’s expertise doesn’t end with massage and she will also be running a class in Kundalini meditation on Friday, June 15th from 6-7pm. Kundalini meditation can also be highly transformational and life-changing. Yogita’s class puts an emphasis on gentle movement, with moving stretches progressing to a faster tempo, awakening the Kundalini, then slowing down and ending with complete silence ending in deep and restful stillness.

For this class, people are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes, wear socks or come barefoot and bring water. Mats are provided and the class costs just €10. Please note that pre-booking is essential.

If you’re unsure of what to expect, don’t worry! You’re not on your own. Have a read of this testimonial from Anabelle, who attended one of Yogita’s Kundalini mediation classes the last time she was in the Dublin Holistic Centre: “This workshop was nothing like I expected but I really enjoyed it. Yogita’s osho-style kundalini meditation uses movement to music, on your own mat, to give the body and the mind a place to shake away the cobwebs and begin the weekend feeling energised and stretched. Try it! You may, like me, be surprised.”

I am so excited to welcome Yogita back to Dublin and I hope you get as much from her as I have!

To contact Yogita Om, you can email info@dublinholisticcentre.com, call 01-6330063 or see facebook.com/artoftouchbrazil