Your Guide To A Green Christmas in Dublin

December 3, 2019, 

Let’s put the spotlight on sustainability this Christmas! What change can you make?

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Your Guide To A Green Christmas in Dublin

As the streets of Dublin become livelier and an undeniable ‘buzz’ drifts through the air, it’s hard to believe that – ready or not – Christmas really is just around the corner. Whether we prefer to hibernate in comfy jammies or relish in all that silly season has to offer, Christmas is a time that we all can try to become more conscious consumers.

Striving for minimal hassle and environmental impact, we felt inspired to highlight some ways we can invite more sustainability this Christmas, without compromising on fun and games.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint:
Consumerism often gets a bad wrap, but you need not feel guilty should you know how to do it right. We often forget about the implications of buying our products sourced from across the globe, so the best way to help the planet is by starting small and supporting local. Let’s minimize our carbon footprint by supporting up-and-coming businesses and explore the diverse range of talent Ireland has to offer.

Dublin’s Best Bits:
Dublin is full of markets this time of year and we’re proud to see the focus on a green Christmas from The Sustainable Christmas Market in D-Light Studios. Free to attend and only 5 minutes from Connolly station, it will showcase over thirty of Ireland’s conscious creators and makers providing an alternative to Christmas consumerism. To combat global waste production, the market will also feature a Sustainable Wrapping Station, giving market goers the option to wrap up their gifts with up-cycled papers and materials – sounds amazing!

We are delighted to see Ireland’s first Conscious Christmas Store on Fade St this year. This hidden gem sells everything from eco friendly, plastic-free stocking fillers to a variety of handmade gifts, green beauty brands, recyclable gift wrap and reusable Christmas crackers. It’s definitely worth checking out when running around town like a headless chicken on December 23rd!

Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper:
Ah yes, the wrapping! As fun (or daunting) as wrestling around our presents each year can be, wrapping paper tends not to always be recyclable. Reusable gift wrap to the rescue! It can be used for years to come and won’t end up all over the house!

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can also wrap gifts using spare materials that have been hanging around the house – like that ever-growing bag of clothes destined for the charity shop!

The Gift of Wellness!
No matter how much cash you have to splash, your health is your wealth. Feeling good about ourselves is what life is all about. Yoga, meditation and holistic therapies are beautiful ways to explore avenues of self-care amidst our busy lives. A voucher for a monthly yoga membership or a healing massage is so much more than a Christmas present; it’s an opportunity to give somebody the space to bloom, to grow, and to heal – and that truly is a gift worth cherishing.

By making just a few small changes, we have the power to not only make ourselves proud but also encourage others along the way. Guilt free and fun filled – let’s put the spotlight on sustainability this Christmas! What change can you make?